Scout's Honor
Scout’s Honor - Bark & Co’s promise, priority, and policy that our products and services will make your dog happy – or we’ll fix it!
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Our Promise

We search high and low for the products that will make your dog happiest; and if we can’t find what we’re looking for, we just make our own!

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Our Priority

Your pup’s happiness is our #1 priority before, during, and after you shop. We’re ready and eager to answer any questions and give recommendations based on your pup’s preferences!

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Our Policy

Every product is tested by our own dogs and we stand behind their decisions, but every pup is different! If your dog ever turns their nose up at something, we’ll keep sending replacements until their tail is wagging.

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The Happy Team is all ears…

Robots are overrated (and bad at playing fetch). Our Happy Team is ready and excited to help you find the best toys, treats, chews, and more! Chat with us however works best for you:

Chat with us 7am to 12am EST to talk through your dog’s preferences and get personalized recommendations!

Take it from the rest of the Pack

Our #1 priority is making your dog happy - no questions asked.

They took a great amount of time to help me pick out some things for my monster-sized doggie. There's nothing worse than taking time to shop for a 140lb dog and getting so excited only to find what you bought him is sized for a min pin! Thank you again!

Amy D. + Spencer

Austin, TX

The Happy Team have honestly been the most genuine, kind, and caring to their customer I have ever seen with an online company! Keep up the great work and thank you for making your customers feel so special!

Sarina C. + Koobie


I am overwhelmed by the expertise of everyone that was involved and the willingness to help me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You all will make one very happy very shih-tzu, because he has now run out of his treats. So...good isn't accurate for me... Excellent!!

L. Bova + T.J.

Plattsburgh, NY

Very helpful! And not a robot (as far as I can tell)!

Steve S. + Jarvis

Windsor Locks, CT


What items count for Scout's Honor?

Our Scout’s Honor applies to any BarkShop product your pup received that did not meet expectations! Did your pup turn their nose up to a toy?  Did a treat not make them drool with anticipation? Not a pawblem! Our goal is to make all pups happy and healthy so we understand that each pup has their own specific preferences. Bark in to us and we would ruv to find exactly what makes your pup’s tail wag! You can chat with us about your pup from 7am to 12am EST here, Facebook messenger, or via email at

Do I have to return the item my pup didn't like?

Returns are free of charge, just give us a bark and we'll send you a return label right away.  Even better we will ship your Scout's Honor replacement ASAP.  We don't want your pup waiting with a sad puppy dog face when they can be jumping with joy with the perfect BarkShop item.

How do you select the items in BarkShop?

We are pup parents and only offer items that our office pups enjoy and have thoroughly tested.  We stand behind all of our products on BarkShop and want your pup to absolutely love what you buy for them.  If they don't, not to worry!  We will replace it free of charge and work with you to find the paw-fect replacement.